Monday 12 December 2011

Danger - High Voltage

It’s still bloody freezing outside, but while I had a day off it was time for me to get back down to Victory MC and try to install the new Lithium Ion Battery I got from Racing Batteries last week. Some of you might remember I had a few dramas trying to wire three smaller Li Ion batteries together into a pack, and completely failed to get the setup to start my Ducati, so without any fuss at all, Calum at RB sent me a high powered single-unit replacement… and the good news? It bloody works a treat. Plug’n'play, twist and go. Grin a mile wide.

Bish, bash, bodge…

…Snug as a bug

The new RB unit saves at least 2 kilos over the OEM unit, and with the Reg/Recifier relocated under the seat pan (to avoid overheating) there was more than enough room to fit the RB unit in, and the bike looks so much better without all the battery box gubbins wedged under the subframe. If I’d gone this route in the first place it would have been one of the easiest mods ever, and the improvement in looks and the weight-saving are well worth the modest cost of the posh Li Ion unit.

Obligatory roughed-up urban wall behind a blinged-up street bike

Rex was there as usual, patiently fixing customer bikes while helping me find tools, grommets, tape and bits of cable, and I also met a cool guy called Mike (I hope I remembered that right) who was there fixing up a really nice SR500 which had inspired his mate Damian to build a similar machine.

Love the StarWars inspired tank logo.

Check the UMC grafitti in the background

I hope to get Mike and Damian to send me some decent pics of both bikes together, once they’re done, and post up some of the before/during/after pics he showed me while I was there.

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